PÖFF: Samui Song

Viyada (Chermarn Boonyasak), a Thai soap opera actress in her mid-30s, finds herself increasingly pressured by her husband Jerome (French director Stéphane Sednaoui), a rich foreigner entirely devoted to a charismatic cult leader called The Holy One. Viyada has no other choice than to take the most drastic measures in order to escape once and for all from their influence.

„Violence begets violence and bodies have a nasty way of piling up in „Samui Song“. Yet Pen-ek has a flair for tempering all that blood and menace with pitch-black comedy: watch for the brilliant scene in which a massive phallus gets repurposed as a murder weapon. With Boonyasak’s desperate thespian at its centre, „Samui Song“ becomes seductively self-reflexive. This is ultimately a story about the roles we seek and, most challenging of all, the roles that are thrust upon us.“ – Giovanna Fulvi, Toronto Film Festival