PÖFF: King of Peking

The Australian director Sam Voutas – who was raised in Beijing during the 80’s and 90’s – is known to PÖFF audiences for his comedic film „Red Light Revolution“ which screened in 2011. He returns with „King of Peking“, a tender love story between a father and son.

Father and son Big Wong and Little Wong spend their time traipsing around small villages with dilapidated equipment showing Hollywood movies to locals. But when Big Wong is faced with paying spousal support and losing custody of his beloved son, he decides to take up a job as a janitor in an old movie theatre. When he discovers a DVD recorder, he decides to start marking bootleg DVD’s. The business, called King of Peking, begins to thrive, but when Little Wong displays traits that are less than honest, Big Wong begins to doubt the morality of his endeavours.

„King of Peking“ is a joyful and laid back affair which celebrates cinephilia and the simple yet powerful bond between a father and son. Referencing countless great movies from the past, the film trades in nostalgia and reflects upon the shared experiences created by cinema that transcend generations. Voutas films with a slightly ramshackle style which adds an intimacy to the film, while performances from the likes of Zhao Jun – who was also the lead in „Red Light Revolution“ – are delightful.


Movie guests:  Director Sam Vuotas, Producer Melanie Ansley