100 films in 100 minutes

Just as you opened this, someone liked your photo. And there’s cheesecake in the kitchen. And a rainbow in the window. You should post a rainbow. And Beyonce got a new haircut. And a cat’s playing cards in the video. And there are cheap flights for April. Oh but there are dogs in the shelter. And backpacks on sale.
And let’s check Instagram. And new manicure trends. What an interesting article. Oh Tom Yorke young pics. Oh you’re 30 soon. You should start working out. Oh let’s sign a petition. Oh what an interesting lecture. You should give lectures too. But which Game of Thrones character are you? And which sort of grapes are you? And it’s mom’s birthday soon. Oh someone liked a rainbow. Oh it’s bedtime already…
If all this is happening to you, “100 films in 100 minutes” is your kind of cinema!
Attention Deficit Disorder Festival - One hundred of extremely short films from all corners of the globe. Hundred of plots, hundred of finals, minimum hundred of main heroes, one ticket!