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Kapten Volkonogovi põgenemine

Drama thriller

Продолжительность 2h 6m

Страна Venemaa, Prantsusmaa, Estonia

Режиссёр Natasha Merkulova, Aleksey Chupov

В ролях Yuriy Borisov, Timofey Tribuntsev, Aleksandr Yatsenko

Язык vene

Субтитры эстонский

Levitaja Homeless Bob

"Captain Fyodor Volkonogov, a well-respected and obedient USSR law enforcer, witnesses his peers being suspiciously questioned. Sensing his turn is approaching, he escapes and is soon on the run, hunted by his former colleagues. Vulnerable and hopeless, Fyodor comes to realize what he had been part of. Suddenly he gets a message from hell: after death he will be sentenced to eternal torments. The only way to avoid it is to repent and to find at least one person who will give him forgiveness. But time is running out and the manhunt is closing in on him..."


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