Embassy of Italy in Tallinn presents: The Fever


Mario is a young geometer of Cremona, a splendid medieval city to south of Milano, student out of courses to the faculty of Architecture, He lives to the day performing jobs for a famous architect and he is also on business with 3 friends in the enterprise to turn into pub a mechanic shop. The discovery to have won the contest for a municipal employee thanks to an application been by his father four years before and the consequent possibilities of a fixed employment will transform his existence. To the beginning all seems easy and also funny, but when for his cleverness He will arouse the envies of an executive the life and the dreams of Mario will suffer an abrupt fall. Does the job ennoble the man? Can it conduct him to his own realization in the context of the society in order to increase his happiness? The movie seems to suggest that it is possible, on condition that is gone down to compromises with reality, done by recommendations, favors and kickbacks. For the idealists and the irreducible ones the only street of escape is given by the negation of reality, the creative construction of something of private and not subject to the control of the other people and even the state. Splendidly shot by Alessandro D'Alatri, played with a lot of passion by a great Fabio Volo, the movie represents an interesting fresco of the contemporary Italian society.

All screenings are subtitled in English and are free of charge.