Tallinn Noir

You are welcome to the Tallinn Noir film evening at the cinema Sõprus on 15 February at 6 pm–9 pm. The films made during the Tallinn Noir international workshop will be presented with films by Nicolas Boone, Jaana Kokko and Arnis Balčus at a public screening. Free entrance.

Participants in the workshop:

Anna Kaarma, Estonian Academy of Arts
Triin Kerge, Estonian Academy of Arts
Ott Lemsaar, Estonian Academy of Arts
Helle Ly Tomberg, Estonian Academy of Arts
Lena Schwingshandl, Estonian Academy of Arts Erasmus
Valentin Alizer, Estonian Academy of Arts Erasmus
Villiam Miklos Andresen, Jutland Art Academy (Denmark)
Selina Rom Andersen, Funen Art Academy (Denmark)
Kristín Karólína Helgadóttir, Iceland Academy of the Arts (Iceland)
Valgerður Ýr Magnúsdóttir, Iceland Academy of the Arts (Iceland)
Esben Holk Nielsen, Bergen Academy of Art and Design (Norway)
Torleif Birkeland Bay, Bergen Academy of Art and Design (Norway)
Wendimagegn Belete Masresha, Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art (Norway)
Riikka Johanna Gröndahl, University of Gothenburg (Sweden)
Caroline Gizella Elisabeth Joo, Konstfack (Sweden)
Noni Lova Josephine Gadd, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts (Sweden)
Mykolas Piekuras, Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania)
Justina Liubinaitė, Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania)
Dagne Gumbreviciute, Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania)



Tallinn Noir international workshop took place at 6–15 February 2017 at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Estonian Academy of Arts. During the workshop, 19 art students from the Nordic and Baltic countries made ‘one-scene-films’ set in Tallinn. The participants focused in intensive collaboration on various layers of everyday life in Tallinn. The young artists experimented with the February light and engaged critically with the spatial characteristics of the town. Lectures on film theory were given by Dr Eva Näripea, Director of the Film Archives of Estonian National Archives, and film-maker Dr Dirk Hoyer. Students received expert feedback on their works from Finnish artist Jaana Kokko and Latvian artist Arnis Balčus. The workshop was given by the French artist Nicolas Boone who has an experimental and process-centred approach to film-making.

The workshop was financed by KUNO, a network of Nordic-Baltic fine art academies, and supported by the Estonian Academy of Arts and the French Institute of Estonia. The workshop was organised by the EAA Department of Photography and Department of Graphic Art.