TaDaa! festival 2018: The Pitts Circus

Meet the unique Pitts Circus Family. The Parents Cecil and Sandy tour and perform all over the world. They’re probably the only family doing a four high with just family members. Cecil Pitt, is certainly the only human being on this planet that plays the banjo while balancing on his head and having a lit sparkler between his butt-cheeks. But the biggest skill of all is to keep the family together and make sure everybody is happy and content. The Pitts built their own tent, their own house and build and create magical moments for their audiences.

You can run away with the circus but you can’t run away from it.
A feature length post-truth mockumentary comedy movie incorporating the skills, comic talent and uniqueness of a real Australia circus family. On the way to the Western Australian Circus Festival, driving across Australia, the family’s oldest kid finds a cryptocurrency wallet. It belongs to some rich Swiss aristocrat who sends a killer.

This movie is 100% crypto-financed. The Ethereum Smart Contract was established at the end of July 2016. The Ethereum Movie Venture Token that was generated is listed on three exchanges, is very volatile (like every cryptoasset) and has a market capitalisation of 2-8 Million USD. The token is also used for voting, ticketing and other smart contracts.
The World premiere of the movie was on November 14th 2017 in Hollywood in the legendary Laemmles.
The movie was shot in Switzerland and Australia,  January and March 2016.
The project was presented at the Bank of Ireland in Dublin, at the South African Cape Town International Film and Market Festival, at the Ethereum Meetup in New York, to the vice director of the Swiss National Bank and at a Blockchain-Event at the WEF in Davos.
The Project has been covered by NZZ am Sonntag and SRF Kulturplatz.