PÖFF: A Prayer Before Dawn

Ambitious amateur boxer and heroin addict Billy Moore suddenly finds himself in one of the most dangerous prisons in the world: the Thai Klong Prem. Very quickly he finds out how much a life is worth in this ’hell of Bangkok’ where mass rape, savage battles and murder are the order of the everyday. The only way out for Billy is to fight his ruthless, tattoo-covered fellow inmates at the regularly held boxing matches.
„A Prayer Before Dawn“ whisks us passed sweaty, trembling bodies and acres of skin on a journey through the claustrophobic corridors of madness.
„An international bestseller in 2014, Moore’s „A Prayer Before Dawn: A Nightmare in Thailand“ is the kind of redemptive misery memoir that could easily have invited more lurid or mawkish mainstream film treatment. Moore (who appears briefly on screen as his own father) should be glad his book landed in the hands of Sauvaire, filmmaker with a visceral understanding of bodily strain and its effect on the psyche.“ – Guy Lodge, Variety