PÖFF: Plaza Paris

Gloria is an attendant at the university. She’s been born and raised at Morro da Providência. When her abusive father gets out of the picture, her trafficant brother begins his influence on her life. Camilia is a young portuguese psychoanalyst who comes to Brazil to study cases of violence at the university and she starts treating Glória. Camila is a foreigner, deslocated in the middle of an unequal, noisy and hostile city. An unpredictable bond is established, in a case of countertransference between psychoanalyst and patient, and it’s influence breaks through the walls of the consulting room. Fear, trauma, action and obssession on a game of pleasure and guilt, craziness and sanity, construction and desconstruction.

„The matter of violence has always interested me because it’s been a part of my life. „Paris Square“, on the other hand, goes beyond that. The movie circles around fear and paranoia on a relationship between two people with different backgrounds and social position. The fear of the other seems to me as something implanted on Brazilian society today. Is from this fear that is known of injustices, aggressions and violent deaths to happen, as it is on the movie, a thriller that works on the character’s intimacy.“ – 
Lucia Murat, film director