PÖFF: Gogol. Origins

The darkest night before dawn.
Cossacks, witches, mermaids, drowned women and other dwellers of Dikanka come face to face with their creator Nikolai Gogol (Alexander Petrov), a young scribe from St. Petersburg, who suffers from mysterious fits and has the ability to communicate with creatures from a different world. Together with his mentor, the brilliant city detective Yakov Guro (Oleg Menshikov), the aspiring writer arrives to Central Ukraine (Poltavshchina) to investigate the mysterious murders of young women.
„Gogol. Origins“ is a mystical thriller based on some of the most famous works of Nikolai Gogol. „The captivating plotline, great cinematography and unbelievably realistic special effects“ were first recognized by the judges of the prestigious Accolade Global Film Competition, who awarded the film the Award of Exellence for its high level of cinematography.
„Gogol. Origins“ is gritty, honest and frightening. It immerses you in the most mysterious and appealing world of XIX century Russian literature – the legendary Dikanka.


Movie guests:  Cast Yevgeny Stychkin