Filmikool #12: Satan's Brew

Leftist experimental poet Walter Kranz (Kurt Raab) has hit a wall creatively and his publisher won't advance him any more money until he produces additional work. Kranz distracts himself with prostitutes, infidelity and violence until, in the wake of a revelatory dream, he concludes that he's the reincarnation of romantic poet Stefan George. He begins to pass off George's poems as his own, and adopts what he believes the dead writer's habits and style to have been.

Film lecture by Rainer Sarnet before the film.

Description for FILM SCHOOL

Cinema + lecture = film knowledge.
The Sõprus Film School helps the audience to understand what happens in a film. The lectures held before the films offer both the younger and the older film lovers a doorway into films and beyond. The Film School will continue once a month in autumn. The films are shown in the original language with Estonian subtitles. The previous season of the series was curated and the lectures were given by Tõnis Kahu. The new curators and films will be announced soon!

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