Dokiõhtu #47: Mountain

There are so many people who would like to climb Mount Everest that people are literally queuing up in front of the world's highest mountain – the ultimate selfie spot! But the view from the top is also great, and Everest is not the only mountain that attracts daredevils from near and far. 'Mountain' is a beautiful film about man's fundamental fascination with the most sublime things that nature has to offer – narrated by a witty and cheerful Willem Dafoe. There is plenty of adrenaline and overwhelming scenery, which takes the breath away from even the most dedicated climbers, as some of the planet's best mountaineers set off on a vertical adventure with their own lives at stake. Several miles above sea level, the air is thin and the smallest error can mean death. So why would some people risk everything to get to the top – a challenge that just a few decades ago would have been viewed as sheer madness.


Real life! In real cinema!
The Documentary Night film series is focused on author documentaries. The programme presents newer and prizewinning documentaries as well as unique gems from all over the world. The Documentary Night screenings are held once a month. The films are shown either in English or with English subtitles.

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