Documentary night #52: Studio 54

New York City, the late 1970s. The right place at the right time. At least if you liked to party all night long – and if you were smart enough to get in. Here, the two college friends Ian Shrager and Steve Rubell started what immediately became the world's party venue number one: Studio 54. The ultimate disco paradise and an ultra-hedonistic but ultra-tolerant party palace, where people like Andy Warhol, Liza Minnelli, Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger partied every night, as if there was no tomorrow. Until there actually was no tomorrow. Three insane years of glitz and glamour, which ended with a bang and an indictment for tax evasion and violations of various drug laws, and both Shrager and Rubell ending up behind bars. And this is the wild story of the rise and fall of the world's most legendary night club, which is here presented by Ian Shrager himself. But it is also a story of a short, hopeful period between the sexual revolution and the outbreak of AIDS, where people who didn't fit the norm could suddenly step out and become a party's focal point.


Real life! In real cinema!
The Documentary Night film series is focused on author documentaries. The programme presents newer and prizewinning documentaries as well as unique gems from all over the world. The Documentary Night screenings are held once a month. The films are shown either in English or with English subtitles.

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