Artemy Troitsky & others: Critic

The documentary film "Critic" is a biography of the legendary music critic, journalist, television and radio host Artemy Troitsky, who for many years has been a recognized musical authority not only in Russia but also abroad.
If there is an incarnation in the whole history of Russian rock in one person, then it is certainly Troitsky. He was born in one year with a Rock`n`Roll, so he grew up and developed along with the music itself, changing his attachments from the melodic beat music toward the psychedelic underground rock, from hippies to punks and new waver. Artemy became the first DJ in the USSR, organized the first Soviet rock festival and opened almost all the main Russian rock stars: from Boris Grebenshchikov and Mike Naumenko to Viktor Tsoi and Zhanna Aguzarova.
But "Critic" is not just a film-biography of an independent music journalist and promoter. For the history of his career, the history of youth culture opens with underground discos and the magazine "Rovesnik", the history of the music industry with magneto-publishing and the Leningrad Rock Club, and even the history of television with which Troitsky fully realized his enlightenment mission. Rich with black-and-white interviews, color animation and timelapse-shooting, this collage documentary is a guide to the vast array of Russian music culture, in which Artemy Troitsky left a notable mark.

In the film "Critic" are participating: Artemy Troitsky, Boris Grebenshchikov, Andrei Makarevich, Evgeny Khavtan, Alexander Lipnitsky, Vasily Shumov, Andrey
Tropyllo, Vsevolod Gakkel, Alexei Belov, Ilya Lagutenko, and others.