Buddhism In Modern World

The annual Buddhist lecture series „Baltic Lotus“ since 2012. The idea is to combine practical wisdom of the Western world with the 1000-years old Eastern philosophy. Exactly here, in Estonia, right between East and West. For that traditionally two teachers from East and West will be sharing their views on such topics as ‘Freedom’ and ‘Happiness’ of contemporary people.

“How to become an absolutely free person? Is it possible to reach the ultimate happiness here, in this life, not „several lifetimes later“? What can you do to achieve such happiness and joy that can never be lost?“.

We are happy to invite you to enjoy together spectacular mixture of Eastern slavic charm with Western magnificent wisdom.

This time both lecturers happened to be enterpreneurs. Both have their unique charisma and character, being quite contast they will compliment each other in an interesting way giving the lecture together.

The East will be represented by a teacher Mikhail Grigoryev from Russia. Mikhail, who has been practicing Buddhism for almost 30 years, is a student of a legendary Buddhist Lama Ole Nydahl. He with his wife have been actively contributing to the development of the Buddhist centers in Russia for already 16 years. Mikhail is an entrepreneur. He has his own business in the retail sector.

The Western view will be represented by Denes Andras from Budapest. He is an active Buddhist practitioner and an entrepreneur in real estate sector in his daily life. Denes will be sharing his experience about how to use the Buddhist methods in the real world and will show how can an average European, who is in constant rush, succeefully implement the Buddhist tools in his daily life.

Two lecturers will speak about: „Wether it’s possible to use all those „exotic“ Buddhist methods in the modern Western society, where people are in constant hurry and the lifestyle is really rapid? Aren’t those Buddhist methods and philosophy already obsolete? What can a normal person living in Tallinn (not somewhere in the mountains) really take from it and get some benefits?“

„The purpose of this lecture is to tell people what Buddhism is actually about. We all know the word ‘Buddhism’, but very few people know what it really means“, - says Grigoryev. – „When we hear the word ‘Buddhism’, we tend to imagine monks wearing robes, exotic rituals and monasteries. However, on this lecture we will be sharing some practical ideas from Buddhism that you can successfully apply in your daily life right here right now“.

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