Embassy of Italy in Tallinn presents: WE BELIEVED


Three young men from the Bourbon-ruled Kingdom of the Two Sicilies dream of a unified Italy: Domenico (Edoardo Natoli), Salvatore (Luigi Pisani) and Angelo (Andrea Bosca). Inspired by Giuseppe Mazzini (Toni Servillo) and his talk of a single nation ruled along egalitarian, republican lines, they’re radicalized in Paris and frequent the salon of charismatic Princess Cristina di Belgiojoso (Francesca Inaudi, and, later in life, Anna Bonaiuto). Hot-headed Angelo, with his propensity toward political nihilism, thinks Salvatore is a spy and kills him.

A few decades later, Domenico (now played by Luigi Lo Cascio) and Angelo (Valerio Binasco) still work toward the cause despite deep disappointment with the failure of the short-lived Roman Republic. Angelo’s violent leanings move him away from Mazzini’s circle, while Domenico’s dreams of a republican nation are dashed on the rocks of pragmatism, and he eventually puts his hopes in Garibaldi’s populist movement.
No one here, neither the three Sicilians (loosely based on minor figures), nor the numerous historical characters weaving in and out, speak normally: Instead they’re forced to drone on in platitudes and declarations, turning some of the most fascinating people in the nation’s history into bores. A huge amount of material is covered, most importantly the bitter fight between idealists who believed in a radical democracy and the power-brokers up north more interested in putting their Savoy king on the throne of a united country.

All screenings are subtitled in English and are free of charge.