Stories we tell

Polley turns the camera on her own family and creates an essay/love letter to her actor parents: Diane, who passed away when she was 11, and Michael. In the process, she investigates a mystery she initially wasn’t even sure existed. When Polley pulls back the layers of the stories told by her siblings and close family friends, differing perceptions and buried secrets rise to the surface – with some very surprising revelations.
In pursuit of truth through art, Polley creates and recreates the past by using home movies and original footage, enfolding it in a rich, spellbinding, and emotionally affecting narrative. Five years in the making, “Stories We Tell” is about the stories told within Polley’s own family, but also the ones we all tell – and the way everybody’s truth is the truth.
Sarah Polley’s latest feature is a riveting and joyful personal documentary that has screened at the Venice, Telluride, and Toronto film festivals.