About us

Kino Sõprus is a legend on its own - as the oldest existing cinema in Estonia it is continually considered as the only real art-house cinema, due to its non-mainstream and quirky film selection. The building with its grand façade was commissioned in 1955 at the height of Stalinism and since it was opened, received 6000-7000 visitors per day. Since February 2010 the cinema is operated by NPO Black Hand and is mainly funded privately. The elaborate interior has been maintained and meticulously restored under the guidance of Mr. Markku Pätilä, set designer for most of Aki Kaurismäki films. Our biggest triumph is the knowledge of the “Kino Sõprus” brand among the audience and that this cinema has served its audience well for 64 years. Kino Sõprus has regained its street credibility as a Cinema where no compromises are made.
Our main strategy at the moment is to maintain and continue the tradition of distributing and exhibiting both classic and contemporary films that do not fit to standard multiplex format. Additionally, we have organized the space to also provide for other forms of art, whether it’s music, visual arts, theatre etc.


Kino Sõprus’ and Black Hand’s motto is to keep its fists clenched against the onslaught of mass culture that treats its subjects as statistical consumers. The humanity will reign and our modus operandi is to undermine the conventionalism and under appreciation of its public by commercial producers and cinema operators and our aim is to push the limits well beyond the horizon of fearfulness.

And last but not least, did we mention that Sõprus literally means friendship! :)

Sõprus has 210 comfortable seats plus 30 seats in the cinema bar – within the screening hall! :)

Our ticket booth opens 1 hour before the first screening, and the telephone  number is 644 1919.

The ticket price from Monday to Friday is 6 € and the discount ticket for seniors and students is 5 €. On weekends the price is 7 €, discount ticket 5,5 €. You can also purchase tickets online via www.kinosoprus.ee

See you soon!


Kino Sõprus "Presidendi vastuvõtt"
Kino Sõprus "Suitsiid"
Kino Sõprus "Kaklus"